NUGGETS: Medications

I’ve linked to three articles that are really important for you to read. I’m thankful for the kindness, balance, biblical wisdom, and experience displayed by the authors.

A Biblical Understanding of Psychotropic Medication – “We should be well-informed medically. But as Christians, we also need a biblically-based philosophy to guide the use or non-use of psychoactive medications.”

When Medication is Helpful in the Life of a Counselee – “… taking medication for a psychological/psychiatric diagnosis is a Romans 14 Christian liberty issue.”

The Six Counselees Who Should Say “No” to Psychotropic Medication – “As a biblical counselor in private practice, many clients ask me if they should go on psychotropic medications. Some desperately want me to say yes. But I often say no. Here are six counselees whom I typically discourage from starting psychotropic meds.”

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