3 New LifeLine Mini-Books – Panic Attacks, Suicide, Bullying

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the three newest members of the LifeLine mini-book family. I’m certain you will want to get a handful of each title for your personal one-another ministry, as well as your church or counseling resource center (pre-publication orders ship mid-September).

HELP! I Get Panic Attacks – Panic attacks are terrifying, as author Lucy Ann Moll knows only too well. But she has found hope for overcoming panic, and she longs to help others find the peace of God which comes through the Prince of Peace who conquers fear. Here she looks at the origin of our fears, why we suffer panic attacks, and how we can, with the help God provides, overcome the cycle of fear.

HELP! Someone I Love Died By Suicide – This book is written by a man who has been a pastor for fifty years and has also served as a Police, Fire & EMS chaplain for thirty years. This sensitively written mini-book comes alongside to offer help to those who are grieving, and, most importantly, provides hope in Jesus Christ. Bruce is also the author of HELP! My Friend Is Suicidal.

HELP! My Child Is Being Bullied – Parenting a child who is being bullied is deeply challenging. We want good things for our children, so if they are bullied we feel a whole mix of emotions: anger, deep pain, anxiety, regret, and perhaps even annoyance. We may even be tempted to seek vengeance. In this mini-book, the author points to the help and hope God has provided for this trial, and gives wise counsel in how to navigate through it.

Be sure to check out all 38 titles in this growing series of biblical resources for one-another discipleship ministry.

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