NUGGETS – Self-Forgiveness

“I can accept God’s forgiveness, but I just can’t forgive myself.”

How often do we hear this in today’s world? Yet, is this a biblically correct way to think about forgiveness? This week, I helped a counselor-in-training think through this issue. Here are the articles that I asked him to read, as well as a recommended resource.

I Can’t Forgive Myself – “…if you are struggling under the burden of unbearable guilt, ask yourself what you really need—your forgiveness or God’s?”

The Empty Pursuit of Forgiving Yourself – “We are called to forgive others and seek their forgiveness. We are called to cry out for forgiveness from God. But we are never told we need to forgive ourselves—and it’s not because the command was forgotten.”

If you are stuck in the self-forgiveness trap, or are counseling someone who is, here’s a mini-book that I recommend: FORGIVENESS: I Just Can’t Forgive Myself by Robert Jones.

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