Will You Read a Little Book about Worship with Me?

It’s only been one Lord’s Day that we’ve been unable to gather together as a church family, but I’m already aching for the day we can come together again to sing praises to the Lord as a congregation. So, I thought it would be neat to take advantage of this down time to read a little book about worship and the blessing of singing together.

Several times in the past year our worship director has highly recommended this little book: SING! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, but I’ve not set aside time to read it.

Well, now we all have extra time! So, will you join my 7-week online book club?

How Will It Work?

Each week, we will read one section (personally, we’re going to read it out loud as a family). Then, every Saturday, starting March 28th, I’ll post a few highlights from that week’s reading portion that impressed my family and me, and you can do the same in the comment section. That way we can learn from and encourage one another.

Get a Copy

If you’re interested in being part of this online reading group you need to get your own copy of the book…like…pronto. It’s available everywhere. Christian Book.com has a ridiculous price on the hardcover, as well as an eBook edition. Also available on Amazon.

This Week’s Reading

Between now and Saturday, March 28th, read: Prelude and Chapter One.

Happy reading!

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