Nuggets: Quarantine Temptations

Help for Quarantined Marriages – As we all navigate uncharted waters—with plans, routines, and expectations being turned on their head—it’s important that we acknowledge the temptations and challenges that will naturally arise in our marriages if we aren’t proactively reminding ourselves of the truth. Here are three key truths to remember in the days ahead.

How to Avoid Anger Overload in a Digital Age – Are humans situated in specific contexts meant to bear the weight of a world’s worth of grief and outrage? And what does this mean specifically for local churches, where the complex contours of specific, in-the-flesh community can get lost or neglected in the cacophonous onslaught of abstract, distant grievances from all corners of the globe?

Why I Stopped Playing Video Games – Video games were a significant part of my young adult life. But several years ago I made a conscious decision to swear them off completely. In this article, I explain exactly why I don’t play video games anymore.

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