Hope + Help for Couples Struggling with Marital Intimacy Due to Past Sexual Abuse

In this episode of the Hope + Help PodcastChristine Chappell interviews Nate Brooks and Anna Mondal about their new LifeLine mini-book, Help! Our Sex Life is Troubled by Past Abuse. Some of the issues discussed in this interview are:

• The lingering physical, emotional, and spiritual effects experienced by someone who has been victimized by sex trauma and how they affect marital intimacy.
• How biblical narratives speak to the evil of sexual abuse.
• Biblical principles to compassionately engage a spouse who has experienced sexual abuse in their past.
• Practical suggestions for victimized spouses to take incremental steps toward fostering sexual intimacy with their spouse.
• How to set realistic expectations for the journey ahead.
• Biblical encouragements for both spouses to take heart and have hope that God can restore this area of their marriage relationship.

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