What Are You Living For?

Only one life
So soon it will pass
Only what’s done for Christ will last
Only one chance to do His will
So give to Jesus all you days
It’s the only life that pays
When you recall
You have but one life

Merrill Dunlop

What are you are living for? How would you finish the sentence? To live is _______________. Some might say:

  • To live is money.
  • To live is marriage.
  • To live is children.
  • To live is the perfect family.
  • To live is work.
  • To live is power and fame.
  • To live is retirement.
  • To live is pleasure.

What are living for? What is the driving passion of your life?

The apostle Paul said, “To live is Christ” (Phil. 1:21). Paul’s passion was to know Christ and to make Him known. To learn what he meant, listen to the latest episode of the Delight in the Word podcast.

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