Heaven Is Lovely Because God Is Infinitely Lovely and We Will Be Fully Sanctified

Over the weekend, my attention was drawn to re-reading one of Jonathan Edwards’ best-loved sermons, Heaven Is a World of Love. The following paragraph moved me.

[In heaven] everything is beauteous to behold, amiable, and excellent in itself. The God that dwells and gloriously manifests himself there is infinitely lovely—gloriously lovely as a heavenly Father, as a divine Redeemer, and as a holy sanctifier….The Father of the family is lovely, and so are all his children; the head of the body is lovely, and so are all the members. Among the angels, there are none that are unlovely, for they are all holy, and no evil angels are suffered to infest heaven as they do this world, but they are kept forever at a distance by that great gulf that is between them and the glorious world of love. And among all the company of the saints, there are no unlovely persons. There are no false professors or hypocrites there; none that pretend to be saints and yet are of an unchristian and hateful spirit or behavior, as is often the case in this world; none whose gold has not been purified from its dross; none who are not lovely in themselves and to others.[1]

[1] Jonathan Edwards, Heaven Is a World of Love (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2020), 38-39.

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