31 Days to Hope

The latest addition to the 31-day Devotionals for Life series is one I’ve already recommended to individuals twice this week. Hope: Living Confidently in God by John Crotts is rich with biblical encouragement to build your faith and set the eyes of your heart on Christ. Take a look at this Table of Contents.

The Beginning of Hope

  • Day 1: Where Hope Begins
  • Day 2: The Spiritual Connection between Faith and Hope

Jesus Is Your Hope

  • Day 3: Jesus, the Anchor of the Soul
  • Day 4: The Certainty of Jesus
  • Day 5: Jesus Cares about Your Troubles
  • Day 6: Jesus Has the Power and the Heart to Help
  • Day 7: Jesus Loves Desperate Sinners
  • Day 8: Jesus Is Merciful to the Very End
  • Day 9: Jesus Restores after Massive Sin

God’s Character Sustains Hope

  • Day 10: Your God Is the Living God
  • Day 11: God Is for You
  • Day 12: God Delights in the Hopeful
  • Day 13: God Is Sovereign
  • Day 14: God’s Resurrection Power Brings Hope
  • Day 15: God Is More Gracious Than You Can Imagine
  • Day 16: God Himself Will Get Us Through
  • Day 17: Our Omnipotent God Cares
  • Day 18: The Lord Is Worth the Wait

You Can Face Life’s Difficulties with Hope

  • Day 19: When You Feel Financial Pressure
  • Day 20: When a Relationship Is Broken
  • Day 21: When Your Options Run Out
  • Day 22: When Your World Collapses
  • Day 23: When Your Hopes Are Dashed
  • Day 24: When You Are Struggling with Sin
  • Day 25: When You Feel Abandoned by God
  • Day 26: When You Wrestle with Despair
  • Day 27: When a Believing Loved One Dies

Hope in the End

  • Day 28: Because He Lives
  • Day 29: The Blessed Hope of Christ’s Return
  • Day 30: Heaven on Earth
  • Day 31: Ultimate Hope

Consider ordering a couple copies of Hope: Living Confidently in God. Give one away or work through it together with a friend.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Rom. 15:13

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