Scripture Keeps You Stable In a Pinball World

When I was a kid the real joy of of going to the pizza parlor was getting to play pinball. That steel ball would be shot out of the plunger, then bounce all over, banging against the bumpers only to be slapped by the flippers, shooting it this way and that way. Sometimes the Christian is like the pinball. His emotions bounce him off the bumpers of enemies, the harshness of others, and the troubles and anguish of life throw him violently, only to be slapped around some more. This is the reeling saint, fiercely staggering to and fro. But the saint never reels so as to fall overboard. There is God, there is His Word, to pull us back to safety. The righteous God, through His righteous Word, knows how to rescue reeling saints.

Brian S. Borgman, “An Exiles Guide to Walking with God”

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