Here are some nuggets of wisdom to help you grow in grace and truth as you minister God’s Word to one another. “Wisdom is worth more than silver; it brings more profit than gold” (Prov. 3:14).

What Does the Bible Say About Being a Busybody? – Some people have difficulty recognizing themselves as busybodies, so a few questions can aid in determining whether or not attempts to “help” are in fact meddling. A potential busybody should ask him/herself the following questions.

The Noetic Effects of the Fall in Psychology – We shouldn’t be shocked to find biases in secular literature. If this battle against bias can be found within us, as believers, it will surely be found within the secularist who is not anchored in the truth of God.

It Wasn’t Me! Getting Traction in Relationship Counseling – Some of the tensest moments in counseling can be when a counselor is helping a counselee take responsibility for their part of an issue. It can be a wrestling match. I have seen this play out repeatedly.

Why Pastors Have a Unique Responsibility to Counsel – Timeless words from my late friend, David Powlison.

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