NUGGETS – Three Podcast Episodes You Should Listen to this Week

Here are some nuggets of wisdom to help you grow in grace and truth as you minister God’s Word to one another. “Wisdom is worth more than silver; it brings more profit than gold” (Prov. 3:14).

The Real Cost of Social Media – Reagan Rose, over at Redeeming Productivity, interviews Chris Martin, author of the new book Terms of Service: The Real Cost of Social Media. They discuss how social media is affecting us and how Christians should think about engaging online.

The Unbiblical Nature of Reparative Therapy – In this episode of Truth & Love, Dale Johnson talks to Heath Lambert about the difference between the world’s way of counseling people who struggle with homosexuality, and a biblical counseling approach.

Why Should I Read Leviticus? – Alasdair Groves: “Everything you do is connected to the God who made the universe and who has given you so many things. And each of them, every single one of them, is a reminder that He is good, that He is a Redeemer, that He takes seriously our plight, he takes seriously our sin, that he desires to remain in a relationship with us.”

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