Darkest Night, Brightest Day

Darkest Night, Brightest Day is a beautiful new children’s book/family devotional from Marty Machowski. The illustrations by Phil Schorr are gorgeous and the daily readings are at a good reading level, but not dumbed down (My 12-year-old son and I read the first half together in one sitting).

Seven daily readings are for the week leading up to Easter, followed by seven readings for the week after. The upside down flip of the book after the first week is quite clever, attention getting, and further illustrates the contrast between the dark days leading up to the crucifixion, and the brighter days after the resurrection.

Most Easter devotionals end at the resurrection. This one, however, takes us from the resurrection to the ascension and Pentecost, thus giving our kids a fuller picture of what Jesus’s resurrection accomplished then and still accomplishes for us now. This new family devotional will add freshness to your family’s revisit of the most important weeks in the history of the world.

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