Will You Pray for Me as I Finish My Next Book?

Dear reader and friend,

The fact that you are reading this post is a great encouragement. For me, writing is a necessity—a means to personal growth and soul survival in this fallen world. It’s part of the way God has wired me, in order to help me to refine my thinking processes. Knowing this, I’m continually surprised that other people read my stuff. So, thank you! Thank you, too, for being a vital part of past writing projects by responding to my requests for prayer.

Again, I need your help.

I’m currently writing a collection of short chapters on every Christian’s three-fold identity in Christ. Though a number of books about our identity have been released in recent years, Remade in Christ is not only about identity, but it’s also a biblical view of sanctification—the Spirit-empowered process of being remade into the image of Christ. Therefore, while the first 1/3 of the book looks at what we already are in Christ, the second 1/3 looks at our ongoing struggle against temptation, indwelling sin, and the devil. Then the final 1/3 considers the necessity of suffering as an instrument of growth toward spiritual maturity. This book is being published by P&R Publishing, the same publisher responsible for my bestselling devotional, Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace.

Meeting my August 30th deadline will be a challenge. So, please, will you again pray for me?

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