Hope and Help for Anxiety in Ministry

Anxiety is common to all people, but it’s an occupational hazard for those of us in vocational ministry. The reason is that much of the anxiety we experience cannot be separated from the cares of our life multiplied exponentially by the cares of the people we serve.

Anxiety is an emotion… we know that, but it’s more than a feeling. Anxiety often includes a physical reaction, because it is entwined with our bodies. There are numerous examples of this in Scripture (Gen. 37:35; 42:38; 44:29; Job 3:26). This makes perfect sense, because God created us both body and soul, and the interplay between the two is constant (Ps. 31:9-12). We are complex creatures who need God’s revelation to help us understand how anxiety works in our hearts and in our ministry. Continue reading…

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