Resolving Conflict Conference in Fairview Heights, Illinois

Often Christians try to avoid conflict-but many of the Bible’s interpersonal exhortations make conflict a necessity. What are the biblical principles of conflict resolution? What do we need before, during, and after conflict? In this conference, we will also share practical steps and advice, including specific talking points to help resolve conflict. Resolving Conflict God’s Way: How to Make, Disturb, and Keep Peace is the theme of this year’s IABC Conference.

A Message from Dr. Lou Priolo

What comes to mind when you hear the word conflict? Do you see conflict as something that is always wrong, or perhaps as something to be avoided at all costs? Or do you see conflict as something that can be good—and even necessary—something that God Himself requires you to take part in and even to start one? Do you see conflict as something that, if avoided (or eschewed), may displease God? It is my prayer that this conference will equip believers to resolve conflict in a broad variety of contexts.

  • As a marriage counselor, I hope this will be a blessing to those who want to learn how to help couples resolve conflicts quickly and with a minimum amount of sin.
  • As a family counselor, I believe that the concepts, if practiced regularly, will help many counselors, parents and children learn to do likewise.
  • As a pastor/elder, I know that pastors, ministry leaders, and church members who practice the biblical principles can prevent and resolve church-splitting schisms that dishonor God.
  • As a counselor to missionaries, I know that Christian workers who will conduct their relationships according to the Bible will be more effective in ministry. They will also prevent many of the interpersonal relationship problems that account for most missionaries returning from the field years before they imagined. 
  • As a college and seminary professor, I hope you will use this training as a reference for biblical conflict-resolution courses.

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