Three Ways Bitterness May Steer Your Heart Away from the Lord

Inevitably, we all face the painful realities of life in this broken world. It might be illness, mistreatment, unjust circumstances, financial strain, or some other painful trial. When these things happen, it’s only natural to bristle at the situation. It’s okay to be honest about the ways you are hurting and even the ways you are wrestling with anger.

But when you are dealing with the bitterness of affliction—an outward circumstance that involves emotional or physical suffering—it’s important to watch out for the development of a bitter spirit—a resentful, acrid inward response to these trials. No matter the source, suffering has a way of revealing what we believe about God and his providential care for us. It can shape our perspective and make it difficult for our faith to embrace the reality that God is up to something good amid the bad. As you encounter adversities—and you will—it is helpful to be aware of what bitterness may look and feel like so that you are prepared to face affliction well. Continue reading on the New Growth blog…

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