There’s More to Identity than You May Think

My adult children all have three-lens cameras built into their phones. The multiple lenses enable them to zoom in on our grandbabies’ adorable faces, get a wide-angle view of an ocean sunset, and capture better images in low-light conditions. The combined work of these lenses enhances photo quality and results in sharper images.

Similarly, focusing on our Christian identity through three lenses—saint, sinner, and sufferer—gives us a clearer and more comprehensive picture of who we are.

You’re a Saint

Your first and primary identity as a Christian is firmly rooted in your union with Christ. Every other identity marker is secondary.

As Mike Emlet says,

Ongoing struggle with suffering or with sin must be understood in this basic context of our new identity as children of the living God. We are saints who suffer. We are saints who sin. But we are saints nonetheless at our core.

In Christ, you stand before God as a saint. Sanctification is the process by which you learn to practice this new position. Continue reading the full article at The Gospel Coalition …

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