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When Jesus Confronts “Borderline Personality Disorder”

Here’s an encouraging 7-minute video that exalts Jesus who came to set us free and reshape our entire lives. “The people who get this label [Borderline Personality Disorder] are really stuck. These are deep, deep weeds to live your life in. You can also see that the solution, in Christ, (can and does, when genuine) cuts as deep as the problem. Because in BPD you are the center of a world that is wholly misshapen. When Christ becomes the center, the world starts to take on a completely different shape.” – David Powlison, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF)

Dr. David Powlison – What hope of healing is there for someone with borderline personality disorder? from CCEF on Vimeo.

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  1. Thank you. Another case of Dr. Powlison providing excellent teaching and genuine hope.

  2. any guidance for the person that has BPD symptoms and is already a Christian? i know it sounds like a contradiction but i see it in a close family member of mine.

    • i can tell you that it ceratainly does exist in Christians. mine started when i was quite young and i lost count of how many times my Christian family accused me of not being a good Christian and even demonised or just plain difficult.

      so little is said or understood about it that people just see a difficult person who is insensitive to other people’s boundaries

  3. I have done all, pray, read books about BPD, hoped, wished but to no avail.
    My wife of 10yrs has been unofficially (displays all 9 traits) diagnosed. She abandoned home twice, 8 months at a time, before. Now gone almost a year after finding out she has got affair with her colleague. She left me with 2 kids, boys, 7 & 8yrs old. She was recently baptised a born again, taught at Sunday school. I think she was abused as a kid as she is an orphan. Her life was not easy, father died tragically in an accident at age 4, mother died of cancer at age 16, brother is unemployed and lives with albinism, grandparents who adopted her suffered from diabetis and she had to transport them monthly to hospital for checkups while having to maintain her home. Anti sex and all marriage counselling failed. I was also not helpful as I did not know reasons for her behaviour until now, 8 months ago when my own therapists diagnosed the affliction. I probably would have responded better and not by being vindictive. I am tired of asking for Restoration, we are in process of divorce. We were in this situation back in 2005 but she asked that we reconcile which we did but now this. Never admits any wrong, no remorse regarding affair, everything wrong is me, my parents hated her etc.
    Anyone who has partner suffering from this will have their Faith tested to the extreme. I am so unhappy, trying my best to be a single parent which I am successful at but for how long. Kids cope but still miss their Mom. This is Hell on Earth. The way my wife hates me, is like I am the one who was caught in the affair.

    • My heart goes out to you, Sam. Living in a fallen world with other fallen creatures is so very painful and messy at times. May you find God’s grace sufficient for your current trial and give you the strength to remain faithful to Him regardless of the actions of anyone else involved. I, and other readers of this blog, will be praying for you.

    • Sam, there is hope!!! I know the hell on earth you speak of. I know the hatred. I know those eyes. Satan the thief comes not for any other reasons but to steal and kill and destroy, BUT, Jesus came to this world so that Sam and his wife and their children have life, oh but not just life, life “more abundantly” (John 10:10) With that said however, we have a choice, choices your wife has made/is making are in union with the thief. Ah, but you’ve made similar choices, even if just in your heart. I’ve been there, exactly there, and am still battling, even after many miracles and recent reconciliation:) – because we wrestle not against flesh and blood….It is all spiritual warfare, so fight-fight-fight! (see Ephesians 6, and 2 Cor 10:3-5). In obedience, fight! The Good News is that He that is in you is GREATER than he that controls your wife right now. (1 John 4:4) Believe it!! Rejoice in it!! You Sam already have the victory, because you are “more than a conqueror” – what?!? how can you be “more” than…only by already having the victory in the middle of the battle! Yup! (see Romans 8:37) His will IS to grab your wife’s heart and bring her back. Don’t stop fighting for it. Here’s what the Holy Spirit did for me: He said, “FIRST, allow me to search your heart, as I already know the depths of it (see Psalm 51, Ps 139, and Jer 17:9-10). THEN, with that true brokenness and heart of humility, can I give you empathy for your wife. THEN, I can give you a love you never knew, the Agape love that ONLY I can give, so you can go FIGHT for your wife and your family, despite her actions – because no matter how hard people try, we just cannot love unconditionally, but by the Power that is in us, we can! So, as we are given 2 commandments that sum up all the laws, go Love God & Love People! (Matthew 22:37-39) By loving God, I had to trust Him with showing me all of my sins, yep, mine, not hers (I already knew and saw those)… RATHER than the “scoreboard” of how horribly hateful this other person was, when I saw my heart, He changed it. Heck, “but by the Grace of God so go I” (i.e. I too could have had the background and had BPD too) – but as Dr. Powlison states, careful with the labels. Then, I was born-again, again, i.e. I had recommitted my life to Christ in a totally different way. AND, the power of the Scriptures became, well, “powerful”! Sam, digest the Word of God – go look up the scriptures here….go read and read some more….go fall on your face in humility (I’m not saying you haven’t – but do it again:)) …I will be praying for you and your wife. I have many resources I can send you if you wish. I would be happy to talk with you as well and offer anything that the Lord gives me to say. We are all in the same boat in this fleshly / pathetic sinful state, BUT, Jesus does not desire that we stay there while on this earth, NOPE, we are supposed to put aside those sins and be set apart – be salt and light to the world, i.e. not live habitually in the sin. With Jesus that’s possible, even with a condition like BPD, as in the example of healing Dr. Powlison reads. With that said, your marriage is a “covenant” NOT a contract! It is not performance-based. It is for life. Why? Because God’s covenant with us IS a covenant NOT a contract, and throughout scripture He draws the parallel between His relationship with us and our relationships and the marriage union/bond. So don’t let go of this concept; it’s beautiful because we can never out-sin God’s love & grace…and your wife can never out-sin your love & grace IF your love & grace is through the eyes of Jesus. And that’s freedom. That’s victory. That’s a wife won back (“it’s your kindness Lord that leads us to redemption”). That’s a family restored:):):):) Praise Jesus. Praying here…. Peace, In His Loving & Great Grip, John L.

      • Wow!!I just found this website and realized my husband made a post about me/us in Oct 2011. (John L.) I just want to encourage anyone out there with BPD to keep the faith. Forget the label…I hated it!! I can honestly say I am healed! I have not had a rage or “episode” in over 6 months. It’s not a magic pill or overnight miracle. I finally just said “Lord..heal me” Give me the strength to stop punishing myself(and others) and accept the blessings you have to offer me. I was a severe case…multiple affairs,multiple suicide attempts, physical/verbal abuse.I did it all to John. We tried meds,counseling..some helped…but not for long term. He never left me..he fought for me and with me..and as our dear Pastor Bear said….”We win!!” He married us twice! :)Bear just went to be with Lord last month and I am so thankful he saw me healed. I’m not perfect, but I’m pretty dang “normal” and I love it! We have our weekends back, vacations are relaxing, kids are being raised by parents who love each other and who have learned from past…so we can teach them and others. Please, anyone out there…pray..pray..pray! Ask God for the strength to be obedient to His word and accept grace!!!! Read your Bible..pick up a Beth Moore book about strongholds..join a bible study,volunteer! I’m so thankful this black cloud of BPD has been lifted from me and my family..The only label I want is “child of God”. We can all have that label..YOU CAN BE HEALED!!!!! Blessings and prayers to all of you! Amanda L. Psalm 46:10

  4. Thank you so much for this. It does give real hope and directs people to the true source of healing – Jesus Christ placed at the front and centre of life. I think that there is an important message for Christians who have been hurt by people with BPD. Forgiveness! Love! Recognition that through Christ all things are possible.

    • and for those of us who HAVE the illness as well, hopefully. we are not all bad people! we have suffered in our lives too. everyone who is BPD has had a deep hurt early on in their lives. Compassion for us too, is the key

  5. I have BPD, and I certainly do not think the world revolves around me!! I am a Christian, yes I struggle every day with this disorder. I hate the disorder, not people! I love Jesus more than any thing in this world!!!

    • melissa i am in treatment for BPD and i can relate. it isn’t an easy disorder to fight and some Christians sadly are the best at condemning us. i am fortunate that i have found a church where i am now loved and accepted. it was a long time in coming.

  6. my own shortcomings led my bpd wife to not believe in being able to climb the mountain together and left – now i have a divorce and tro and her alter claims atheism yet i know her other spiritual mindful side which is heartbroken wanted to come back but is it too late after flying away to another state and claiming in fear and loathing stuff about me which are partly true?

  7. I can relate to these post so well. My wife has was diagnosed with BPD 4 months ago. She had an affair on me in 2006 for 3 months. Very painfull times. In Nov 2009 I took a job 3 hrs away. Our plan was she would transfer in 4 months when she finished her Air Traffic Control ratings. She just got her ratings in July 2011. So we have been living in different homes. I always came back on weekends and longed for the time our family was truley together again. Then another affair in 2010. I changed my way of thinking. Started soaking up knowledge. Started with the “Love Dare”. Followed by many other marital books. Set up marriage counseling. I mentioned the other cell phone that she keeps to talk to a male coworker and she raged against me soon as we walked out of the building. We never went back. I still continued to practice agape love. Things seemed to be going well for about 5 months. She expressed in love notes what made her happy was being my wife and I was the only man she ever wanted to love. She said, “Lets hold on and make 2011 the best one yet.” I felt like we had a chance to overcome the difficulties in our marriage and become a legacy for our children. Then Around May 2011, her rages started again. I would walk away or just take it and finally I would rage back . So wrong of me. I immediately set up marriage counseling. We walked out the first day….Laughing. But short lived. Would never return for a week later in June I found another cell phone that wasnt on our family plan. She immediately tried to snatched it from me. I kept my back turned to her and tried to get away. She immediately got on her other cell phone and called the police. When I tried to pass her in the hallway. She blocked me off and started screaming to the police like I was hurting her. I never touched her because I knew from past experience what she was capable of. I got away and drove off but I was arrested and charged with assault on female. Spent 3 days in jail. Went to trial and she was sopenaed. She didnt change her story. Said I grabbed her by the arms and shook her and left bruises on her arms. Police witnessed to bruises and I was found guilty. So it was time for re-trial. I took a polygraph mainly so friends, family and employer would believe me. Yes, I passed! 🙂 She waited 3 days before the trial before saying something to the Defense Attorny (she still want tell me what she said) and the charges were dismissed. She started seeing another coworker immediately or probaly already was as soon as I was out of the picture. She is now open about it. I confronted him and I can tell she played victim to him. He came to save her and she now idealizes him. He comes to our house and is playing with my kids and is attending thier functions. I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back. If I come to the house I know she will have me escorted away. She has expressed to me that she cant believe that I would still talk to her and says she is moving on so that she cant hurt me anymore. She hurts me everyday by being with him and involving our kids. She idealizes me for a while and then cycles to devalueing and distortion campains. I keep praying for her and my family. She says she is seeing a therapist for BPD and I have read everybook imaginable about it. At one time she said I could talk to her therapist also. But that time never came. Now she says her new man has met her therapist and they are working with the therapist so they can have the best relationship possible. We are still Married. Please pray for Christine, for me, and for my two children.

  8. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a very difficult disorder to live with. Those with this BPD have difficulties managing strong emotions and forming healthy relationships with those closest to them, such as significant others and family. BDP is a relational problem, and at it’s core are abandonment issues.

    • with me i think it was caused by abuse and rejection in my earliest years. i know many people had far worse childhoods than i did but some of us are just more sensitive to developing BPD/BPD traits than others. it is actually a very common disorder and many people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as depressed or bipolar

  9. Does anyone have a link to the article that Dr. Powlison is referencing?

    • Thanks, Kate. I suggest you email someone at the CCEF website. I’m pretty confident they could send you what you the article.

  10. I would go to a church, but ppl are too cruel. I don’t trust any living sole, expect for Jesus Christ, and I`ll tell you why… I was abused as a small child, taken out of my home, just to grow up in 19 foster homes, a group home, and psych wards. People can not be trusted!

    • God bless you Melissa that you still trust Jesus after everything. Praise God! Dont give up on finding a church that shows you that love of Christ through people who also trust and love Him. It may be a very healing this for you. Will be praying for you.

  11. Most everything I have read and heard has been women and bpd. I am struggling with the aftermath of loving a bpd man. I had never even heard of the disorder until it was mentioned by a counselor we visited because he felt I was the problem and needed help. This was over a year ago and although I did find some information, it was all relating the symptoms and stories of women and I did see some commonalities. Today for the first time I read an extensive and detailed account of men with bpd. I was absolutely shocked that almost every move he has made for years was all in print before me. It is the most destructive, cruel, and heartl

    • Connie- I have been dating a man with BPD for 4 years. It is so hard to find any information specifically about men with this disorder. Could you possibly point me to the “extensive and detailed account of men with BPD”? I would so appreciate it. Thanks and God bless you.

  12. Hi,

    I just listed to your video “When Jesus Confronts Borderline Personality Disorder.” My mom has BPD, and exhibits all the symptoms mentioned in the video and in the DSM. Although for most of my life I have been a mother-pleasing daughter, dealing with her rages and unmeetable demands, I find that I cannot handle it anymore. The result of this is that we go through phases of not speaking fairly often so that I can maintain my sanity. I have tried to help her find a therapist, but she is not interested. Her relationships are in constant turmoil.

    I want her to know that I love her, but I am at the point where it takes me a long time to get the energy to call her after we fight. I am afraid I will not be able to respond maturely and lovingly when she blames everything on me. I would like to having a loving and consistent relationship with her, but I am in the process of starting my own family and I don’t want to expose my future children to chaos and fighting.

    I pray for her and try to direct her to Jesus, but she finds this unnerving, especially coming from me. I am wondering if there are any Christian resources for a person with BPD? Something like this video, but catered to them? Or, would it be appropriate to send this video to her? I am holding onto the hope that something will click and she will be like Leslie someday… but it has been a long time without improvement.

    By the way, I really feel for you Sam! It is extremely difficult having a mother with BPD- I can’t even imagine how hard it is to have a spouse suffering with this!

    • Jesus was a man of sorrows. A man rejected of men. He was accused of having a devil. Our Lord carried a cross, was brutally treated, was nailed to the cross, and died for our sins. I have a mental illness. It is my cross. I carry it everyday. I am happy that God the Father gave me my own cross to carry. Suffering produces endurance. For my Lord, will wipe away all my tears away in the Kingdom of Heaven. He promised me this and I know He will do it!

      • You speak of TRUTH and lived experience. I agree.
        “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.” Romans 12:12

    • Hi Katie, I do feel for you , so hard when you want that special mum-daughter relationship especially at a time of starting your own family. I came to this site as just wondering of my housemate of 7 years, a Christian, may have BPD. The pattern is so similar to what you descibe and extra hard at the moment as we have a third member living here and mayhem can break lose. There is no way to deal with it and I do exactly what you do, and it is awful. Maybe I should tell her to go, although have never really wanted this solution, and it could also have its own repercussions. But it is becoming hard especially seeing her actions causing others in the house to suffer as well, and of course, I then feel responsible for allowing this! Anyway, finding this website has given me the opportunity to bless you now, and may you know the Lord’s guidance strength and peace in your ongoing footsteps. Susan

  13. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and am finally very strong in my Christian faith. I now have an intimate relationship with Jesus…a continued transformation to a new life in Christ. I have suffered deeply the wounds of this misconceived and rejected mental/emotional disorder my entire life (from the trauma of childhood to my forties). However, I now consider myself on a new journey of recovery. Last year, I lived through a life changing experience and crisis. Even though I am still very much challenged with the illness and still suffer with symptoms, I am healing because of the graces God is giving me. I am presently in therapy (cbt) which is helping me understand the illness within me and is encouraging me to apply the behavioral therapy and positive core beliefs. In the past, I had many counselors and different therapy but was unable to commit. I am thankful that the right therapy and pastoral guidance came along. It is said that it can take several years to recover from BPD. I believe it. But I have stronger belief that we can only do it with God. He loves us and forgives us.
    It gives me hope to hear of stories (lived experiences) such as Leslie’s in the video. My advice: don’t stop searching for support and direction. Keep looking for the right therapy and Christian counseling/ministry. God is not confronting mental illness (in this case BPD), God is calling you to confront it with Him. He is your true healer. When I stumble He is my rock. I can’t do it without Him.

  14. Feelings run so very deep and intense. It is so hard to decipher what is genuine, normal, crazy, evil. This bpd seems to feed on sexuality. It is hard to find what is truth about loving and being loved. I believe the Lord led me to read about bpd, to help me see what I have been living through…and putting my family through. Bad feelings disappear after I create an explosive situation, though I suspect it’s just a default to keep my husband loving me. Waiting for the fall-out.

    • Hi Out There, I’d like you to know, I understand the depth of your pain and confusion. My emotions are lived similarly, very deep and extremely intense. It’s very difficult for me, someone with BPD, to decipher truth specifically when symptoms occur. However when I open myself to search for God in the midst of it, I can start to discern what is really genuine…His Truth. I don’t believe that BPD feeds on sexuality. I think it’s a symptom: unsafe sex and promiscuity. The deep rooted pain in a borderline is rejection, the fear of abandonment and a longing to be accepted. This is what I believe lives under the surface of sexual desires and confusion. In my experience it was never about the sex but about a deep longing to be loved intimately, and, once in for all. I understand the feeling of peace after an “explosive situation”. I have been there and still go through emotional outbursts. As much as I know it’s wrong, it still is very much another symptom of BPD. As Christians we all have our own journey in that personal relationship we build with Him. He will help you to understand what you need to know about what is part of the illness and what is sin. This is an area that each individual with BPD must get to know within themselves and how accountability plays such an important part in ones recovery…clinically (in my case CBT: Cognitive Behavioral therapy) but most importantly spiritually. You are blessed with a family that God will help you to sustain and you are blessed because even in your darkest hours, God sustains you. He loves you and never abandons you and His love is stronger than our weaknesses. Seek Him…He will help you understand the Truth about love. I’m glad the Lord led you to read about BPD. He has given me insight about how all of this has affected my family…all a work in progress. I use to think I was cursed; a terrible sinner who would never change, till God allowed challenges in my life that helped me to grow closer to Him. I started to see and hear Him in a new light. I learned to accept that He was calling me, just as He calls all His children. God is love. Recovery is possible. All the best to you Out There…don’t give up.

      • Thank you. I lived a life of promiscuity before coming to the Lord 20 years ago. All my past, when I was told that these guys just wanted to have sex, I couldn’t believe it. Of course they loved Me, the deep down Me. To believe otherwise was unthinkable. Since then, I have been physically pure, faithful to my husband, but I my sexual desire seem to be only triggered by dark forces of my past. I, too, wondered if I truly am cursed. I feel helpless to change and though I see God bringing me deeper, I see no redemptive work. How to make God’s acceptance my foundation and not still struggle with fear of abandonment. I have not kissed my husband intimately since our honeymoon. I can not open up to that vulnerability.

        • Hi Out There, I just read your comment from August 28th. I came on the site today to share the Video with a family member. I am happy you re-posted and are continuing to share about yourself.
          My experiences with sexual misgivings started in early adolescence till the age of forty. I struggled with the longing to be in a relationship, looking for that true love as I journeyed off and on my Christian path. I was with men before and after my relationship/marriage/separation of almost nine years. That was 20 years ago. I am 43 and celebrate three years of celibacy this month!
          I think it is beautiful that you have come to the Lord, are physically pure and faithful to your husband. You are a righteous woman whom God forgives. He loves you dearly, you and your family. He wants you to grow in His love and therefore in family life.
          I started to read penitential Psalms and I find they help me, especially the famous Psalm 51. BPD and its deep rooted symptoms manifests like we are cursed sinners, but we are not. I finally was blessed with the right therapist, therapy, pastor and spiritual guidance. Because of this I have gained insight into the illness and have started to love the Lord, truly, more than ever. I strongly believe that Borderline Personality Disorder needs to be treated first. The therapy and medication help to stabilize my illness. However as a Christian, the healing of BPD becomes challenging. It is important to find the right church/brothers and sisters in the Lord/Christian counselling…we can not do this alone, we need God and others who understand the illness and believe in Him.
          I know the triggers and darkness that surface. It is a constant struggle for me too. Even though I have a new personal relationship with Jesus, I stumble dearly with symptoms of the illness and sin. I understand how the past can take over but it is important to let go of each part that drags us under…we need to give these to God…to surrender them to Him.
          It is difficult for me to forgive myself, but I am slowly. You must forgive yourself too and know that you are not alone. Seek Jesus as your friend, your foundation…pray, meditate…your fear will start to subside…you won’t feel so abandoned and your friendship and love for your husband will grow.
          You can open up to God and be vulnerable…this is what He wants from you…to seek Him in your weaknesses.
          I enjoy reading St-Paul’s letters and I find journaling very helpful too. I so understand you, Out There. I know exactly your pain. Everyone who has BPD lives it differently but because symptoms are of emotional essence, borderlines understand one another extremely.
          Again, all the best to you Out There.
          God is Love…therefore Recovery is possible!

        • Thanks so much for sharing this. My husband has struggled with intimacy in our young marriage, and it has devastated me, left me feeling lonely and rejected. Now I understand why he feels the way he does, and that when he has said it is “not my fault”, he was telling the truth. I know which direction to take in prayer. Your pain has brought us healing. I am sorry for all you endure, but take comfort in the fact it has helped somebody, at least a little. Praying for your freedom. I hated men and never thought I would marry. Jesus delivered me from that by following two directions given to me by my pastor: Let Jesus be the Lord of your desire. He decides. He is Lord. Lord of All. And if you can say it, and truly mean it, tell Him that, like Job, “though He slay you, you will trust in Him” Wait until you can really be truthful, though. If you can’t, ask Him to help you to be “willing to be willing”. He can be trusted to fulfill the desires of your heart. To put the desires there, and then to fill them.5 months later, I was married to a man I had fallen in love with decades before…the true desire of my heart. As you see, all is not perfect, but God is working, and I am so grateful for your insight. Blessings to you. Don’t give up.

  15. Referrals? Can anyone recommend a good therapist?…Anywhere in the country.

  16. can my sins be forgiven ?
    my days are filled with tears and hatred towards my own self, i am so miserable
    i destroyed my life between my attitude , my behavior, and my lies
    i dont know who i am anymore, i dont remember who i was , i often wonder if i ever did.

    • Dear friend, the Lord Jesus stands ready to forgive you and give you new life. Here his call, cry out to Him. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30

    • When I truly came to the Lord I realized, I am forgiven for my past sins, present sins and future sins. I understood this when I finally stopped living in condemnation. Dear “” God loves you dearly and does forgive you! It is often a long journey to be freed from such a dark world that resides in one who suffers from BPD. You have not mentioned that you do have BPD and forgive me if I am wrong here. I write to you because I understand what you are going through. I have traits of BPD, or at least I had traits. I do know one of the symptoms is the inability or lacking of, to know one-self or to have a self-identity. Part of my recovery is in finding my true-self. I did not know who I was for so many years until I was blessed with the knowledge that I belong to God. I have a new life in Jesus and I came to this belief when I became true to myself in Him. I still suffer the wounds of automatic negative thoughts, deep emotional instability and behavior, all symptoms of anxiety, BPD or Bipolar disorder (in my opinion). But I am healing through Christ. I also thought I had destroyed my life and there was no hope. But there is! I prayed to God to give me a new beginning and a new spirit. You can do this too. Pray everyday. Read the Holy Bible. Seek help from those who can bring you true comfort, peace and some joy. Know that “who you are” is a beautiful child of God. In your daily search in finding your true-self in Jesus, you will start a personal relationship with Him. It will grow because He will speak to your heart. Your new heart. In your new friendship with the Lord seek His GRACE, because He has already forgiven you. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I do believe that therapy (in my case, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is very important in recovery. Don’t give up on seeking your own medical/ clinical/professional help (if this is what you think you need) and don’t give up on seeking Christian/pastoral counseling, and fellowship with brothers/sisters in the Lord. It’s good that you have shared how you feel. Know that you are blessed! Seek Him and He will let you find Him. I keep you in my prayers.
      God is Love…therefore Recovery is possible.

  17. I feel that with all the mistakes I’ve made in my life that it is too late for the Lord Jesus to forgive me. Worst of all is living in another country, constantly continuing my self destructive behaviour so I am so deep i debt there is no feasible way for me to return home to Scotland as all bills here are in my name and I must face painful consequences, homelessness, bankruptcy and no friends at all left.
    My family disowned me many years ago and despite loving God i could never survive the huge mess life is torn apart inwardly .
    If only I could find help at “home” as depression has also been a factor and a very painful childhood rejected by my mother,I am terrified of living!!!

    • I understand your inner pain (inwardly) and depression. I know of self-destructive behavior, bankruptcy, lost friendships and family. I have been there and still struggle. You are living through many difficulties (all at once) in your life but you have to keep your faith in God. I have made numerous mistakes in my life but somehow through all my struggles and brokenness I found a new hope in the Lord. He forgives you because He is merciful. He loves you dearly! Don’t give up on Him. Pray, pray, pray. Go to a church and talk to someone…don’t stop searching for some help…it’s out there…seek help from support networks in your community. Don’t let go of God…He is holding your hand through all your sorrows. Life can be so difficult to live but when you really search for the Lord, He will help you understand how much life is to be lived, and lived abundantly. There is hope. Don’t give up.
      God is Love and through Jesus, all is possible.

  18. I am looking for a counselor / therapist willing to work with an adult son of a mother believed to have high functioning BPD. I also need to be able to facilitate sessions via Skype or telephone only, as I do not live in the US. Can you recommend anyone?