Book Review – “Practicing Affirmation” by Sam Crabtree

Practicing Affirmation is one of only two books that I had hoped to actually read from cover to cover while on my anniversary cruise with my wife, a book that I chose because it appeared to me that it would convict me of an obvious deficiency in my life and strengthen my marriage as well as other relationships. I was not disappointed. “When our mouths are empty of praise for others, it is probably because our hearts are full of love for self.” Ouch! Those words from the Foreword, written by John Piper, stung me because they are true in my experience. I have struggled with a negative, critical spirit all my life and, therefore, I bought and read the book because I knew I needed counseling.

In the spirit of counseling one another, Sam Crabtree has come alongside me and given me much help. I reviewed this book for the Biblical Counseling Coalition. You can read my full review here.

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