Dads Are Disciplers 1:2 – Take Your Children to Funerals

Some parents in our society think that funerals are not appropriate for children, that they are too morbid or will produce an unnecessary fear of death. However, my wife and I have always brought our children to funerals. How else will they begin to understand the reality of death? If a child’s only encounter with death comes via television or movies (i.e. imaginary people), how will they learn to deal with the life changes that take place when they lose a real person whom they know and deeply love? When we shelter our children from death we rob them of this important part of growing toward maturity. Attending funerals often leads to memorable discussions about life after death, which in turn opens the door to teaching the gospel to our children (John 11). Perhaps this is just one reason that King Solomon said that attending a funeral is better than going to a party. Facing the reality of death head-on causes the living to take it to heart (Ecclesiastes 7:2-4).

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