DADs 1:6 – Shut Down the On-ramp to Immorality

Your young adult son needs to listen to Sex & the Single Man, by Mark Dever from the 2004 Desiring God Conference. Listen to the download first—yourself—in order to decide which of your sons are mature enough for its teaching. Then use it as a discipleship tool, perhaps listening to it together.

Fellow dads, one of the greatest gifts we can give to our sons is godly preparation for a sexually pure relationship that culminates in a holy marriage. Don’t be passive here!

The following quotation is from Michael Lawrence who served on staff with Mark Dever at the time of the recording.

Foreplay is very much like an on-ramp onto the highway of sex. You know, you’re not meant to slow down on the on-ramp. You’re not meant to go backwards on the on-ramp. The on-ramp is precisely there to get you up to speed. And that’s what foreplay does and it does it really well. It gets a man and woman up to speed. Well, if you are not married, what are you doing on the on-ramp? It wasn’t designed as a place to hang out, revving your engines in idle and not going anywhere. It’s very frustrating and will get you in trouble.

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