Nuggets [7/27/11]

Nuggets for Counselors contains some posts that I think will encourage your personal growth, cultivate biblical thinking and discernment, and strengthen one-another ministry.

10 Pillars of Gambling – John MacArthur finishes up a 3-part series on the perils of covetousness.

Is fasting appropriate for Christians today? – This 3-minute video with David Murray reminds us of the real reasons for fasting and gives some practical application for today.

I Want It, I Need It, But How Do I Get It? – Wayne Mack reminds us of the importance of remembering the works of God, which “were recorded for some very practical purposes, for motivational purposes. And without a doubt, one of chief motivational purposes for which these accounts are found in the Bible is to motivate us to a deeper and fuller fear of God.”

Gendercide & Disability – My friend John Knight has been blogging about the relationship between physical disabilities and abortion. This is necessary information, but not for the timid.

Lust: Not for Men Only – In this timely post, Carolyn McCulley boldly declares, “This highly sexualized culture is the new normal for young women who grew up in the ethos of third-wave feminism’s pro-porn, pro-sex work stance.”

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