Fourteen “Amen Sentences”

One of the tasks that I both love and hate as a seminary professor is grading papers. I hate it because it can be so laborious. But I love it because I get to see if I succeeded in stimulating any “light bulb moments” in my students. I especially love it when I see these “Aha!” moments in class, but also find fulfillment in reading how the student’s thinking process is translated onto paper. So this week I had about a dozen papers to grade and here are some of the simple sentences that caused me to say “Amen!”

  1. “Biblical counseling is in essence discipleship.”
  2. “A chief goal of discipleship counseling is that the person become self-disciplined and controlled by the Spirit.”
  3. “Theology is practiced in most decision making processes, whether one realizes it or not.”
  4. “It is during the crucial proclamation of the Word that we are building the infrastructure of growth [I love that phrase!] that will be carried out in the life of the body.”
  5. “I believe prayer is a key in the counseling process.”
  6. “Christian care-giving is the use of God’s holy Word to help, heal, restore, or correct above any other methods.”
  7. “The biblical view of healing is found only in God.”
  8. “Youth should be cared for by parents, committed to by church leaders, and loved through discipleship from both parties.”
  9. “There is a great need for men and women of God to come alongside the youth today and walk with them in this sanctification process.” (Hmmm, sounds like someone’s been reading Titus 2:1-8)
  10. “God is the only one able to take a man in his broken state and heal him.”
  11. “Jesus understood the pain Lazarus’s sisters were feeling due to the loss of their brother.”
  12. “It is the power of God that people need in their lives in order to effectively change and the Holy Spirit will teach or remind of the things Jesus has said, after all the Holy Spirit is the Counselor promised from heaven (John 14:26).”
  13. “Genesis is clear in stating that the problem is not external, but internal—man’s heart is now full of sin and rejects God, his Maker.”
  14. “Genesis portrays man not as being deprived, but as depraved.”
As it’s often been said, the teacher learns just as much—if not more than—the students.

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