Nuggets for Counselors [8/19/11]

Here are a few more links that will encourage your personal growth, cultivate biblical thinking and discernment, and strengthen one-another ministry.

Backward Porn Addiction, by Rick Thomas, tackles the issue of modesty and exhorts Christian women to dress for the Lord’s gaze not to attract men.

When Disability Meets Adoption is illustrated in this tear-jerking story. Thanks to Tim Challies to directing our attention to this link.

Parents, Ignore your Kids Feelings – Ed Welch reminds us that to think biblically as we live in ever-changing culture of ideas.

Legal Issues in Counseling – check out this important 5-part series of posts by Bob Kellemen.

One Question for Spouses – Brian Croft wisely counsels husbands and wives to learn to encourage one another.

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