Nuggets [10/10/11]

Asking Good Questions – Counseling one another well requires that we learn to ask good, thought-provoking, heart-searching questions. This article gives us some good pointers.

The Sin of Insecurity – It may be counterintuitive, but according to the Bible, insecurity is what Paul calls “confidence in the flesh.” But how does it make sense that insecurity and confidence can be related? Every coin has two sides.

Superwoman Complex – A woman’s wish to be excellent at all her roles (leader, professional, mother, wife etc.), that very often leads to psychological stress and feeling guilty toward family members or an expectation of being a superwoman that can and should do everything.

Stinkin Thinkin – Our thought life is a critical aspect to change discontent in life because what we think or believe about various things will determine how we respond to them. Our thoughts form our opinions, create our belief system, and fan the flame of our desires. What we think determines our emotional mood and causes us to have various feelings.

I Know I Should Watch My Meditation – a prayerful poem by Paul Tripp

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