Nuggets – True Joy [11/16/11]

Here’s a few links that help us cultivate a biblical mindset concerning JOY.

Do You Know that Morning is Coming? – “That professor stopped talking for a while and looked out the window of the airplane for a good long time. Then he turned to Dr. Criswell and with his voice breaking and with tears spilling onto his cheeks he whispered, ‘I can hardly wait for morning to come.’” As we counsel one another we need to be reminded of what really matters in this life and that is what matters for eternity. Tim Challies wraps up a very helpful 3-part series, which guides us toward a God-centered view of suffering. Especially share this link with a fellow brother or sister in Christ who is presently suffering trials.

Real Joy Guaranteed? – “Our children with disabilities help us understand that joy frequently isn’t cheap or easily accessible.  In fact, in the early years I would have said that joy was impossible in the midst of all the emotional, financial, spiritual and educational ‘stuff’ attached to disability.  Yet, today, I can say that I have experienced joy in the midst of hard things.” John Knight reminds us of the real guarantee of joy found only in the gospel.

Gospel Joy in the Difficulties of Marriage – “Any marriage has its challenges, but add a serious disability and they can, at times, seem overwhelming. This is why God instituted marriage as a lifelong commitment – Heaven knows it requires vows, solemn and serious, to weather a couple through the demands of disability.” Rick Thomas gets us thinking when he imagines what it’s like to be married to Joni Eareckson Tada.

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