Nuggets — [11/23/11]

Here’s 5 more nuggets of help for your encouragement and edification in the Lord.

Garments of Joy – I’ve been listening and singing to “Shelter,” one of my favorite CDs from Sons of Korah. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Garments of Joy,” based on Psalm 30. Listen to the song here. If you like it then you will love the whole CD.

Turning Haters into Friends – David Murray provides some excellent counsel concerning how to treat our enemies. It’s practical application of Romans 12:21.

How My Wife Helped me Man-Up and Lead Family Devotions – Clint Archer’s transparency goes a long way to helping us as men.

4 Reasons to Give Thanks when Hurt by Sin – Jesse Johnson reminds us of God’s good plan for our sanctification and the rock-solid assurance of His love toward us in Christ.

Thanks with a Grateful Heart – Phil Johnson teaches us how a thankful spirit impacts our speech.

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