Nuggets – on theology [12/2/11]

As biblical counselors, we often have the bad habit of continually craving after that which is practical. “Let’s get through all this theological stuff so we can get to what’s practical!” is what I once heard come out of one preacher’s mouth. However, let us always remember and never forget; counseling that does not grow out of theologically-rich soil is not biblical no matter how many verses of Scripture you sprinkle on it. Let’s be sure we don’t get practical or emotional without first getting cerebral. Nothing is more practical than theology, the Queen of the Sciences.

Unapologetically Theological – Kevin DeYoung cites six reasons we must love theology. Here’s my favorite sentence: “[Theology] is not the concern of some soulless Ph.D. candidate wasting away in front of microfiche.”

D.A. Carson’s Theological Method – I first heard Andy Naselli speak on this topic a year ago, at which time he mentioned his hope to have it published. Now it is published in the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology and you can download the PDF.

The Spirit in Counseling – John MacArthur exhorts us to not ignore the theology of the Holy Spirit and His role as the divine Counselor.

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