Biblical Resources for the Russian-speaking World

One of the greatest ministry graces the Lord has given me in the past decade is the privilege of teaching many times in the former Soviet Union. As a result, my heart is knit to many brothers and sisters there. From my very first trip in 2000, I have been impressed with their commitment to spread the gospel and train up a new generation of biblical leaders. It is always a thrill to see how the Lord is using the Russian-speaking church. Therefore, it is a joy for me to let you know of a growing Internet resource. is a Russian website resource. In Russian, “propovedi” means “preaching,” so it is evident that the website is a resource for Russian pastors. The stated purpose of is to provide encouraging and edifying biblical resources of both a scholarly and practical nature in digital format to the Russian-speaking world.

If you know any Russian-speaking believers then surely they would benefit immensely from this website. Please help spread the word.

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES NEAR PHILADELPHIA, please let them know about our Men’s Conference next week at the Russian-speaking Lifeway Baptist Church. If you don’t speak Russian, no worries. I don’t either! The conference will be taught in English and translated into Russian.

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