The Rock that Holds Me

When we think of God being our Rock, our steady guide and solid foundation, we think of Him as being the One we hold on to. This is so true. When the trials of life come our faith clings to our Rock, often times in a simple, childlike manner. But the flipside is also true. Not only must we hold on to God, but more significant is the reality that God holds on to us. His is a love that will never let us go (Rom 8:32-39). This important reminder came to me this morning from my deceased friend, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, as I finished reading Faith on Trial: Studies in Psalm 73 (Lloyd-Jones is my “friend” in the sense that, like other deceased authors whom I never had the privilege to meet, he often counsels me and feeds my soul). This short paragraph fed my sometimes-feeble-faith today.

“I know that I can say that, even though a day may come when I shall feel the foundations of life shaking beneath me, God will be a rock that will hold me. He cannot be moved; He cannot be shaken. He is the Rock of ages, and wherever I am, and whatever may be happening, however my physical frame is behaving, and even when the things of earth are passing away, God the Rock will sustain me and I shall never be moved.”

The holding love of God amazes me. If I was God (what a horrific thought!), I would let sinners like me go when my will rebels or my humanity fails. But God—my God—does not. Why? Because in eternity past He loved me in Christ. The God who chose to save me purely by His love and grace is the God who loves me today…and tomorrow…and the day after that. He is my Rock. I hold on to Him. More importantly, He holds on to me.

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