Nuggets [6/15/12]

The War Against Weakness– “People frame their lives to make themselves look strong and calm when, in reality, they are weak and burdened. The beautiful picture of Adam and Eve resting perfectly in the provision of the Lord is exchanged for a pseudo provision aligned with whatever hides our weaknesses. An incredible opportunity is missed in this vulnerable state.”

What Sanctification Is and Is Not – Tim Challies cites very helpful lists from J.C. Ryle’s classic Holiness.

Reflections on Local Church Ministry after a Para-Church Ministry – Brad Hamrick shares personal insights after 18-months serving in the local church context.

Shame Interrupted: He Knows My Name – “Hundreds of children sang this song—many of them having no one who knows their name. They sang with smiles and hand motions. They sang loud and with layered harmonies that rivaled the Soweto Gospel Choir. Witness it and tears stream down your cheeks and your faith in Christ soars, as you believe your Maker might even know your name too.”

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