Nuggets [6/18/12]

20 Quotes from Father Hunger – Tony Reinke shares his collection of quotes that caught his attention in the reading of Doug Wilson’s latest book.

Should Elders Ever Walk Away? – A common question is “When should I end a counseling relationship?” This article from Jonathan Leeman at 9Marks provides good counsel.

Will Medicine Stop the Pain? – The Biblical Counseling Coalition has re-posted Leslie Wiggins’s review of an important book from Elyse Fitzpatrick and Laura Hendrickson.

Is the ‘Sandwich-Method’ a Load of Baloney? – Sam Crabtree’s book, “Practicing Affirmation” was one of my top-ten reads in 2011. This 4-part review/interaction from David Murray reminds me why I wanted, and need, to read it again.

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