Pray for True Revival

As you pray for your local church ask the Lord to bring true revival to the hearts of believers. That’s where revival begins. Here are some thoughts to get you started. They come from Del Fehensfeld, Jr. in his book Ablaze with His Glory.

True revival is that divine moment when God bursts upon the scene and displays His glory. When such a revival occurs, everything that is holy and sacred receives its proper place. When God is enthroned, all else bows before Him and acknowledges Him. It is then and only then that a radical reversal of all our man-made systems of religion will occur….Revival is not something we can manufacture by human effort or carefully constructed formulas. Revival is that spiritual renewal and reawakening that occur only when God’s people repent and surrender to Him afresh. God’s plan has always been that His people, enabled by His Holy Spirit, should be different. He wills that we live pure and holy lives in the midst of this dark and perverse world. We are to shine as lights in the darkness, radiating the truth to those enslaved in sin. But we have failed to fulfill our high and holy calling. We have sacrificed purity and holiness on the altar of pleasure and happiness. It is no wonder that today’s church is powerless against the onslaught of evil in our world. While we are playing church, the devil is playing for keeps!

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