NUGGETS – Singleness & Relationships [4/5/13]

Here are more nuggets of gold, which provide sound counsel and challenge our thinking on singleness and relationships.

If He’s Not My Picture-Perfect Guy, Should We Still Marry? – Here are wise words from Scott Croft to a young woman in love with a man’s love for God, but can’t get past flaws in his physical appearance.

Living Singly for God – “[U]nderstanding the gift of singleness and the role of singles in the church is essential not merely for singles themselves but also for those who would minister to and beside them,” writes Ben Shute as he challenges the traditional definition of “the gift of singleness.”

Peacemaking: A Gospel Necessity – “I once had a roommate who made my life miserable.” Caroline Albanes testifies, “As I work with students in college ministry, I am grieved when I see Christians upset with one another but unwilling to resolve their frustrations in the manner God has prescribed. Yet nothing gives me more joy when I see two students go directly to one another to confess, ask forgiveness, and experience restored friendship as a result.” This article is for all believers, not only singles.

Singleness Is Not a Curse – Collin Hansen writes, “More than ever, we need to learn from the example and counsel of Christians who have fought in the grace of God and power of the gospel to pursue holiness and shun the temptation of homosexuality.”

Resources on Being Single in Christ – Justin Taylor shares a list of resources presented at last year’s TGC Women’s Conference.

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