Forget None of His Benefits

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Deliberately remember these truths from Psalm 103.

  1. He pardons all your iniquities.
  2. He heals all your diseases (if not immediately, He will when He returns).
  3. He redeems your life—not only your soul—from the pit (of destruction and hopelessness).
  4. He loves you, is kind to you, and feels compassion toward you.
  5. He fills you to full with good things.
  6. He renews your strength, causing you to soar like the eagle.
  7. He acts in righteousness and justice toward the oppressed (v. 7 illustrates this).
  8. He is compassionate.
  9. He is gracious.
  10. He is slow to anger, not short-fused.
  11. He abounds in lovingkindness, pours it out, not in trickles.
  12. He will not hold on to His anger against you (that has already been propitiated in Jesus).
  13. He has not treated you as your sins deserve.
  14. His lovingkindness is great toward those who continue to fear Him.
  15. He has removed your transgressions, and their punishments, far from you.
  16. He has compassion on your frail, weakened frame.
  17. His lovingkindness is eternal, from everlasting to everlasting.
  18. His righteousness is to children’s children, i.e. He will be faithful to His promises toward you.
  19. His sovereign rule remains over all, which includes every detail of your life.

Bookends of Praise: Before and after these “benefits,” the psalmist tells himself to Bless the Lord, O my soul! Let us do the same.

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