NUGGETS [9/28/13]

Here are 6 articles that I found interesting and personally edifying this week.

Distracted Shepherds? – Matthew Olson writes, “Technology certainly speeds things up, but not all of the effects are good. Pastors are not exempt.”

Supporting the NANC Proposed Name Change – Bob Kellemen shares a list of what leaders in biblical counseling are saying in support of the NANC board of directors’ recommendation to change its name.

Prepare Your Public Prayers – Here is D. A. Carson’s helpful advice for people who lead in public prayer.

Expository Living: Sober-Mindedness – Dan Dumas writes, “Immaturity can undermine leadership as effectively as anything. People will follow leaders they think are taking them somewhere. Immaturity has no plans to go anywhere. The Bible’s antidote to immaturity is sober-mindedness.”

Grace Makes the Medicine Go Down – Daniel Darling writes, “Maturity is more about perspective, putting away the childishness that refuses the sovereign medicine of trials, allowed by the Father, ordained because of His loving desire to mold us to be more like His Son.”

John MacArthur and Strange Fire – Tim Challies gives us a preview of MacArthur’s soon-to-be-released book.

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