Grace for Our Weakness and Need

God’s grace is not only sufficient for our salvation, but for every step on our road of sanctification and growth in holiness. Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grisson, with Life Action Ministries, write in their workbook, Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival, “From birth to regeneration through sanctification, all the way to ultimate glorification–from the cradle to the grave–we are utterly, absolutely, entirely, always dependent on His grace! God’s grace is His all-sufficient provision for every need we will ever have.”

What do we need God’s grace for?

In Seeking Him, a list of the ways we may need God’s grace includes the following. The lesson that I worked through this morning contains the challenge to check the needs that apply, personally, by finishing this sentence: I need God’s grace in my life to…

  1. deal with a major disappointment
  2. forgive someone who has hurt me deeply
  3. seek forgiveness from someone I have wronged
  4. mend a broken relationship
  5. break off a wrong relationship
  6. meet pressing financial needs
  7. handle loneliness
  8. deal with the pain of my past
  9. deal with the guilt and failure of my past
  10. be morally pure
  11. respond to a tough situation at work
  12. bear chronic physical pain
  13. repent of a particular sin
  14. resist a particular temptation
  15. overcome a besetting sin
  16. break a habit
  17. guard my tongue
  18. love a family member who is hard to love
  19. be faithful to my mate
  20. take a specific step of obedience
  21. honor my parents (or my in-laws)
  22. love my wife as Christ loves the church
  23. respect and submit to my husband
  24. be kind and patient with my kids
  25. accept a particular ministry opportunity
  26. fulfill the ministry He has entrusted to me

As I prayerfully worked through this list, I recognized eighteen of the twenty-six needs on the list and added another. What about you? What weaknesses and needs are you aware of in your life for which you need God’s grace? When we humble ourselves before the Lord, and others, “the God of all grace” gives to us a “greater grace” (1 Peter 5:6-10).

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