NUGGETS [5/20/14]

Here’s a handful of articles to encourage your personal growth and your one-another ministry.

Thomas Nettles Retires from SBTS – At the Books At a Glance site, Fred Zaspel interviews a faithful man of God and seminary professor. Be sure to also read Dr. Al Mohler’s brief tribute to Dr. Nettles.

Is It a Sin to Be Afraid – A 2-minute video from Ed Welch helps us turn to the Lord in our times of fear.

Battered Pastors – Here is Part 4 of an important series from Todd Pruitt. Try to find time to read the previous three posts as well. Then spend time praying for your church–both the shepherds and sheep.

5 Dos and Don’ts of Social Anxiety – Hayley Satram gently counsels those who choose to live in the prison of fearing people.

Four and a Half Books I Should Not Have Read as a New Christian – Aaron Armstrong: “Reading books is good for new Christians, but our reading is only as profitable as the books we’re reading are helpful.”

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