12 Ways to Combat Our Pro-Death Culture

Tomorrow is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Here are some ways we as believers in Christ may pro-actively combat our culture’s cheap and convenient view of human life and its anti-children, free-sex mindset.

  1. Educate yourself on the facts concerning abortion and the reality of its methods, but be prepared for heart-wrenching, stomach-turning, anger-provoking reactions that should grip your soul and change you forever.
  2. Pray for the end of legalized abortion in the United States of America—a bloody stain upon our land—and support pro-life political candidates.
  3. Teach your children, by precept and example, the inestimable value of each and every human life.
  4. Submit your will and body—within the holy context of marriage—to the first command given by the Creator, to be fruitful and multiply and—as much as is possible in the providence of God—keep your marriage open to receiving children.
  5. Recognize that the separation of physical intimacy from procreation is a doctrine of our modern culture, not a philosophy derived from Scripture or from natural function.
  6. If you choose to govern your life by “the contraceptive mentality,” recognize this as a philosophy of the world that does not originate from biblical revelation. Therefore, the believer is responsible before God to research and evaluate every birth control method and if it acts as an abortive agent it must be discarded due to its real, or potential, threat to the protection of an innocent, divine image-bearer.
  7. If you do not already treasure children, pray that God will replace your Self-orientation with the heart of Jesus who dearly loved children.
  8. Cherish motherhood as a high calling for women.
  9. Reach out as a Good Samaritan to unwed mothers by volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center or home for girls.
  10. If you are infertile, or your once-open womb has been closed, ask the Lord to open your heart to having a role in the mission of adoption.
  11. Pray for your church to develop a gospel-oriented ministry to unwed mothers and infertile couples wishing to adopt.
  12. Graciously tell women who have had abortions, boyfriends and husbands who fathered those children, parents who forced their daughters to get rid of the shameful and embarrassing evidence of their child’s fornication, and the health care personnel who committed murder in the name of medicine—that there is forgiveness of guilt, the gift of hope, and new life in Jesus. Abortion is not the unpardonable sin. The blood of Jesus is sufficient to cover the sins of those whose hands are covered by the blood of innocent children.

It is clear that a mind surrendered to biblical truth cherishes every human life as a precious gift created in the image of God. Consequently, it is also clear that a biblical worldview allows no room for acceptance of abortion in any form. Our love for God should naturally lead to loving all that is dear to Him. God creates human beings in His image. Therefore, human life at every stage of development, beginning at conception, is absolutely sacred and must be protected.

Related Scriptures to read: Genesis 1:26-27; Psalm 127; 139:13-16; Exodus 21:22-23; 23:7; Numbers 35:33; John 5:24).

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