There’s a Little Guy Somewhere

There’s a little guy somewhere waiting to appear curled up inside his mother’s protective atmosphere.

He’s the one they didn’t plan on. He’s an extra mouth to feed, a little inconvenience neither of them need.

He’s doctor bills and formula. He’s sleepless nights and stress. He’s wet and dirty diapers and a house that is a mess.

He could have been a newer car or a cabin with a view or a cruise or clothes or Vegas shows or other dreams come true.

So, they talk about abortion as the alternative for that fetal imposition who would change the way they live.

He isn’t really human. He doesn’t even breathe. He was just a misadventure they happened to conceive.

They sit there in the waiting room with the paper they must fill, the waivers and consent forms, and arrangements for the bill.

They know it’s what they have to do there is no other way, but once or twice they wonder what that little guy might say.

“I wish you wouldn’t do this. I’ve got too much to do. I have to learn to walk and talk, to dress and tie my shoes.”

“I have to learn to whistle and I have to learn to run. I have to learn to say my prayers for when the day is done.”

“I have to watch for Daddy with Mommy at the door and I have to ride in shopping carts when they take me to the store.”

“I have to blow out candles on a lot of birthday cakes and pose for all the pictures Mommy always takes.”

“If you let them do this I’ll never learn to wave. I’ll never have a birthday. I won’t even have a grave.”

“I’ll never play a game and I’ll never laugh or cry I won’t even have a name and I’ll always wonder why.”

[Written by Bob Scott]

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