Take time this weekend to read these nuggets of wisdom.

Worship Is My Life, Not My Role – “We don’t sing because Jesus excuses our sins. We sing because he has freed us from them.”

One Man’s Dream Destroyed Millions: Hugh Hefner’s Pathetic Legacy – “The fallen human nature, unhinged from God’s reality, seeks to construct its own preferred reality. And it uses other people to do it.”

What If We Applied “For Better or for Worse” to Church Commitment? – “The desire for perfect compatibility is a problem. And that makes sense for a generation that’s grown up in a consumerist society where there are limitless options of brands and apps and genres and communities that can be tailored and curated in a perfect-for-me sort of way.”

What Is the Pastor to Be? – “Today’s pastor wears many hats. Some of these hats are appropriate, aligning with the New Testament’s expectations for the pastorate. Yet many are unhealthy, burdensome expectations imposed by the congregation—or even by the pastor himself.”

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