Mark Dever on the Problem of Unhitching the Old Testament from Our Theology – This is a key reason behind my current sermon series, From Garden to Garden.

Social Media and Churches/Are You Addicted to your Cell Phone? – Thoughts and challenges from Tim Challies.

The 2 Marks of a Truly Wicked Person – “Two words summarize these wicked oppressors: arrogant and aggressive. Their pride and violence spell disaster for anyone who stands in their way.”

The Doctrines of Graciousness – “Giving mental assent to the Bible’s teachings about our depravity and God’s election, atonement, and grace is quicker and easier than learning to live out the kind of virtues God pairs with such precious truths.”

The Average Debt Per U.S. Household Continues to Rise – A startling and sobering read.

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