DISABILITY SUNDAY: Live Together in Gracious Community

Yesterday was Disability Sunday at Cornerstone Community Church. We opened our hearts and minds to 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 to see what the Lord has to say about living together in gracious community.

The church is not merely like a body, but it is a body. It is a living organism made up of many parts—all of which are indispensable to the purposes of God. The apostle lifts up the human body as a visual of the sometimes-hidden working of God in the church.

My aim in this sermon is to get you to see how beautifully God designed His body to work, so that it draws attention to the grace of the gospel. And even more specifically, I want to help you see how God uses disability to glorify Himself, and help to complete the church.

To accomplish this aim, God wants you to respond to His message in three specific ways.

  1. Appreciate the Oneness of God’s Design (vv. 14-16).
  2. Avoid the Two Sides of Self-Focus (vv. 17-25)
  3. Adopt the Attitude of Living Together in Community (v. 26).

You can watch the service, listen to, or download the audio sermon here.

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