Twenty-Two Benefits of Fearing God

In my review of some of the “husband books” in my personal library, I was paging through Wayne Mack’s Your Family God’s Way, particularly the chapter entitled “The Maximum Husband and Father.” Mack comments on Psalm 128:1-4.

“This psalm indicates that to be God’s kind of husband and father, you must be a man who fears God (vv. 1-4). An appropriate fear of God will make you an unusual blessing to your wife and children. It will make you attractive to your family. You will become an effective husband and father. The fear of God will be the soil out of which your positive influence will grow and the basic reason your family will arise and call you blessed.”

He then lists many fruits experienced in the life of the godly man, but which surely apply to any believer (male or female) who has a healthy fear of God.

  1. Receive divine instruction concerning the choices they should make (Ps 25:12).
  2. Are prosperous in the most important ways (Ps 25:13; 112:3).
  3. Experience God’s goodness (Ps 31:19).
  4. Are special objects of God’s protection (Ps 31:20).
  5. Have children to whom God shows compassion (Ps 103:11-18).
  6. Have descendants who will be great on the earth in the most important ways (Ps 112:2).
  7. Are motivated to be gracious and generous (Ps 112:4-5).
  8. Will be confident, courageous people (Ps 112:6-8; Prov 14:26).
  9. Will experience contentment (Ps 112:5-6, 9; Prov 19:23).
  10. Will be praying people whose prayers will be heard (Ps 145:19).
  11. Are blessed with wisdom (Prov 1:7; 9:10).
  12. Are teachable and peaceful (Prov 8:13; 14:26; 15:33; Acts 9:31).
  13. Are characterized by integrity and faithfulness (Job 2:3).
  14. Are considerate and kind (Ps 112:4-5).
  15. Are noted for constructive speech (Mal 3:16).
  16. Are patient, hopeful, and genuine (Ps 147:11).
  17. Persevere in doing what is right (Ps 112:3, 5; 2 Cor 7:1).
  18. Work hard, but are not so committed to work that they do not have time for enjoyment (Ps 128:3).
  19. Accept responsibility for their own families and yet are not overly responsible (Ps 128:3).
  20. Are devoted to their families and find them to be a source of great satisfaction (Ps 128:1-4).
  21. Delight in worshipping God (Rev 14:7).
  22. Love the Scripture and order their lives according to God’s commands (Ps 112:1; Eccl 12:13).
Truly, “How blessed is the man who fears the LORD” (Ps 112:1)!
[This post was first published November 30, 2011.]

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