Here’s a handful of articles that I encourage you to check out this weekend.

5 Marks of a Pharisee – “More than good deeds and longer quiet times, God desires a broken and humble heart. He asks us to repent of our attempts to be righteous without Him and to acknowledge that Christ alone is good enough to be counted as righteous before God.”

13 Reasons Why Depression Needs Discipleship – “Discipleship is not some flabby excess in the realm of treatment options. For the follower of Jesus, discipleship is a critical lifeline of sustaining grace meant to facilitate conformity to Christ for the glory of God and the perseverance of his saints.”

Praying for Our Children’s Spouses – “In marriage, philosophies must align with God and each other. A couple needs to speak the same financial language. They need to prioritize the same things. They need to have each other’s back.”

How Jesus Addressed Fear, Worry, and Anxiety – “Even though Jesus was full of compassion, His primary goal was not simply to eliminate the physical discomfort that fear, worry, and anxiety bring into our life. He taught us that our emotions reflect what is going on in our hearts, values, and thinking.”

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