5 Truths from Romans that Help Us to Abound in Hope

Earlier this week, my heart was enriched by the teaching of Stephen Yuille at the ACBC conference in Memphis. Dr. Yuille observes that there seems to be an increased level of despair among God’s people, which led him to open the book of Romans to us. He defines hope this way:

Hope is the life-changing certainty that someday we’ll have all that God has promised.

Stephen Yuille

As Stephen walked us through Romans, he made five stops along the way.

  1. Hope is fueled by the conviction that God is able to do what He has planned (Rom. 4:18-21).
  2. Hope is rooted in the assurance that we have peace with God through Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:1-11).
  3. Hope is fixed on the glory that will be revealed to us (Rom. 8:16-25).
  4. Hope is cultivated through the encouragement of the Scriptures (Rom. 15:14).
  5. Hope abounds by the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom. 15:13).

Take some time in your devotions to meditate on these Bible passages, taking note of the mention of “hope.” You will also be blessed by listening to this podcast episode with Dr. Yuille, talking about Longing for Home.

WATCH Stephen’s teaching, Abounding in Hope, here.

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