He Is Able

Innumerable voices in the media relentlessly tell us, “You can do it!” But if we are honest with ourselves, we know deep down that we can’t. We fail often. We are not invincible. Life’s challenges reveal to us that we are not as strong as we thought we were. But there is good news! When we look in the mirror and honestly admit “I can’t” the door opens to experiencing the grace and strength of God. This is the central point of John Kitchen’s new book, He Is Able. John writes,

You can’t, but God can!
You can’t be wise, but Jesus can be wisdom in you. You can’t be holy, but Jesus can be holiness in and through you. You can’t be faithful, always, in everything. But Jesus can be faithfulness in and through you. You can’t love—not everyone, not all the time. But Jesus is able to not only give you love, but to love through you. You can’t change your heart, but Jesus can. You can’t change your thinking, but Jesus can. You can’t change your outlook, but Jesus can. You can’t dispel your depression, but Jesus can. You can’t overcome, but Christ already has and will, in and through you.
It is pretty simple: He is able; you aren’t. You can’t, but God can.

The book is composed of 45 brief chapters divided into nine parts. John begins by identifying our innate weakness, helplessness, and, therefore, need for the gracious intervention of God through the gospel. Through the person and work of Jesus, God is able to:

  • save you by His grace
  • establish you in gospel obedience
  • rescue you from temptation
  • keep His many promises
  • supply your every need
  • do more than you ask or think He can
  • guard you
  • get you to your eternal home

When you read this book you feel as though a wise, seasoned pastor has just pulled up a chair in your living room to listen and help you see the hope that is found in Christ.

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