For the Baby I Didn’t Get to Hold – This choked me up. Even if you have not experienced miscarriage or stillbirth, you need to read this so that you learn to be compassionate, to weep with those who weep.

Manipulation: The Subtle and Enslaving Sin – “A manipulator will at first appear to tolerate or dismiss your shortcomings. He or she may even offer helpful suggestions to make you a better person. But underneath there is a seething heart waiting for the day it can pounce and control.”

Resting in God’s Sovereignty Over My Anxiety – “I have not conquered anxiety, mind you, but it has not conquered me. Instead, in a sense, I’ve made friends with my anxiety, like you make friends with unlovable neighbors simply because they live next door and because, who knows, God could use them to mold you into the image of his Son.”

Do We Care for the Sheep or Do We Use the Sheep? – “At the heart of ministry is this: the pastor is a shepherd called to tend sheep. But it’s important for the pastor to remember—not just once, but again and again—that the sheep are not his.”

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