“Wobble is not good” and Four More Favorite Quotes from “He Is Able”

Last week, I posted a brief review of John Kitchen’s new book, He Is Able. This morning, while in a hospital waiting room, I paged through the book again, rereading my highlighted sentences. Here are five of my favorites.

The amen of your obedience tamps the soil of truth around your life, fixing you firmly in Christ. As we hear the gospel again and again and again proclaimed through God’s Word (not just to “get saved,” but to continue “being saved” each moment of each day), and as we add our heart’s amen to it, we are cooperating with what God has been seeking from all of eternity past, what He is working toward in eternity future, and what He is doing in the present hour.

The power of a temptation is in its falsehood. Every temptation is leveraged on a lie. Every time. Always. Without exception. Temptation is a sales pitch begging you to buy into a misperception of reality.

We do God no favor when we live below the level of His promises. There is no virtue in living below the promise line of God’s grace.

A promise is only as good as the one making it. That is why the Bible tells us everything begins with God—the eternal, always faithful, unchanging one. He is the heart of a promise-led life.

The Christian life begins by grace; it continues by grace. We begin with God not on the basis of what we can do, but on what God has done and can do through Christ. The gospel is also the means by which God establishes and keeps us. He firmly fixes us in faith through a constant return to the gospel and through interpreting all of life and relationship with God by the lenses of the gospel. If we view the gospel as something only to get us started, we will soon find the Christian life to be a disappointment. You will find yourself frustrated, exhausted, and even disillusioned. The gospel is the ground into which we’ve been planted. Without it we wobble. And wobble is not good.

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